Do Not Lose Heart

March 24 – Do Not Lose Heart: 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

The old folks used to say, “it comes in threes.” Death, that is. Or maybe it comes in fours or more. The frequency is irrelevant. The inevitability goes without saying. Here one day. Gone the next. Today’s Scripture teaches us not to lose heart when our temporary bodies begin to fade away over time. As our earthly natures waste away, we are being prepared to take on a glorious state of being beyond anything we could imagine or measure.

This scripture brings to mind my dearly departed cousin, who recently lost her battle to a complexity of illnesses. I remember the first time I met Lynda (not her real name). The day was sunny. She was sitting outside on a wooden deck while the sunlight danced on her cheek and accentuated her tranquil smile. I grew to know her well over the ensuing years. Soft-spoken, she had this humble, gentle, quiet spirit. Later, as sickness began to claim her vitality, she consistently exhibited peacefulness, as if she knew something the rest of us had yet to learn.

These days, as my own body wastes away, my memories of this remarkable woman encourage me. Taking my cues from her, I am able to look upon my own trials and frailty as a “slight momentary affliction” that is preparing me to bask in an eternal state of glory I can only imagine. So, I do not lose heart.

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