Amos Summary Chart


Who is the prophet? Amos of Tekoa

The name means “carried by God.”

Trade: Shepherd and

Dresser of Sycamores

Time: Mid-8th Century BCE

Kings: Uzziah of Judah and Jeroboam II of Israel.

To whom are his oracles directed? Ruling classes in the North, including Israel


What are some of the concerns?

(not all-inclusive)

Oppression of the poor

and needy members of society

·       Selling off needy people for goods

·       Taking advantage of the helpless

·       Men were using women immorally

·       Drunk on their economic success

·       The people had lost the concept of caring for one another.

·       The people profaned Yahweh’s holy name (2:7)


What are the consequences? God would punish Israel.


What are the remedies? Change sinful ways to avoid destruction.




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