A Love Note of Hope

March 10 – A Love Note of Hope: Jeremiah 29:10-13

It was a letter to remember. A message from God. A love note of hope to a people in despair. Although God’s chosen people were to spend the next several decades in Babylonian exile, the prophet Jeremiah advised them to go ahead with their normal routines — build houses, plant gardens, raise families, and seek the community’s welfare. The prophet told them to hold on! They would get to the other side of their situation if they didn’t lose hope while they were going through. Encouraging words in a time of uncertainty.

The prophet’s advice is applicable for today. In times like these, people experience no shortage of disturbing challenges. Some of their trials have lasted so long that they have begun to feel isolated from God. They have begun to surrender to despair as the trouble intensifies. But I offer you this word of encouragement: There is a Master plan in place. So, don’t give up hope! In the midst of your routines, continue to pray fervently. Continue to seek God with your whole heart. Scripture says, when you do so, God will hear you, for God’s plan involves your shalom (peace) and not your calamity. In light of God’s benevolent thoughts and your earnest prayers, you have a reason for optimism.


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