Daily Prayer

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Daily Prayer

Holy God, what can we offer you for all you have done for us? Please accept our offering of praise. We lift up our brokenness for your healing touch today. Especially, we pray for:

  • People who are nursing emotional wounds
  • Children who are trying to do the right thing
  • Children who are confused
  • People with hearts full of resentment
  • People who have been harmed by bigotry and hatred of any kind
  • People who have broken hearts
  • Children who are bullied and mistreated
  • Children who are lost and lonely
  • People whose faith is wavering
  • People with shattered dreams
  • People who cannot forgive themselves
  • Those in need of a new perspective
  • Those who need more joy
  • Pastors and other spiritual leaders
  • Churches open in the name of Jesus

Have mercy on your people, O God. Have mercy on your world. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

Psalm 116:12

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