Chapel Reflections

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Chapel Reflections

Receiving Your Sight – Focus Scripture: Luke 18:35-43 

In Luke’s story, Jesus is making his way from Galilee to Jericho, a city not too far from Jerusalem. Along the way, a blind beggar is sitting on the side of the road and begging for his livelihood. Poor, disabled, and needy, he was a member of the lowest class in the society of his day.

Scripture tells us that the blind man had faith. He believed that Jesus could heal him. Jesus could free him of his wretchedness and relieve him of his distress. With a new sight, the blind man could have new life and new possibilities. So, the blind man cried out, and his persistence paid off. Jesus just spoke the words:

“Receive your sight,” Jesus said. “Your faith has healed you.”

The text tells us that after the healing the blind man followed Jesus and became one of Jesus’ disciples.

Back in the 1980s, there was a movement afoot called “multicultural education.” The goal of the campaign was to broaden people’s perspectives about culture to make them understand that there was more than one right way to view the world. One of the tools used by workshop presenters was the picture of a woman. If you looked at the picture from one point of view, you saw an older lady with a large nose and a wrinkled face. Participants in the workshop were asked to continue looking at the picture to see if they could glimpse anything else in the image.

As they persisted in staring at the picture some of them had an “aha!” moment. Observers reported seeing the visage of a much younger woman who was wearing a stylish hat. Her face was turned to the side in a silhouette. Those who watched as the old woman transformed into a young woman had “received new sight,” so to speak. But the funny thing about their new perspective was that once the switch had been made, they were never again able to look at the picture without seeing both women. I wonder if this is what happened to the blind man after he “received his sight” on the road to Jericho. Have you received your sight?


Precious Jesus, we thank you for a new vision. Help us to press our faith into action. Help us to experience “aha!” moments in our lives. Amen.

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