The Agape Alternative

Are you ready to begin a conversation about transforming our communities? You must read The Agape Alternative.


When Andrew Young and his brother Michael move into the house across the street from Carrie Mae Benson, the community takes a turn for the worse. Drug traffic grows. Gang crimes increase. Assaults escalate. Gun violence spirals out of control. That’s when Carrie Mae decides to stand her ground to protect her neighborhood. But she soon begins to see that things are not as simple as they appeared at first glance.

This novel tells the story of what happens when a 60-year-old school-community representative vows to become a champion for victims of bigotry and violence. She enlists the support of high school students, who learn to deploy their hearts and minds as weapons against intolerance and apathy. The characters stop pointing fingers and take the time to listen to each other. They engage in critical conversations and simple acts of compassion. In the process, they transform their dysfunctional community.

When love meets hate on the battlefield, the outcomes are remarkable. The cost of victory, however, is extraordinarily high.

This fictional work explores themes of agape love, school change, perspective transformation, critical consciousness, Christian principles for living, Black history, and community transformation. This book is guaranteed to stimulate your thinking about the vitality of our communities and the future of our children.

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