The Agape Alternative

The communities of Oakwood and Middlesex are in transition with incoming students changing the complexion of the local high school. When Andrew Young and his brother Michael move into the house across the street from Carrie Mae Benson, things take a turn for the worse. That’s when Carrie Mae decides to push back. With the help of a dynamic social studies teacher, she mentors high school students as they facilitate transformation and healing for their dysfunctional community. The cost of victory, however, is extraordinarily high.

At first glance, The Agape Alternative appears to be about gun violence. As you dig deeper, you discover other hidden treasures: relationship building, problem solving, and mending that which is broken in our communities and schools.

As an educational resource, The Agape Alternative is guaranteed to stimulate your thinking about a number of themes:

• Agape Love
• Christian Principles for Living
• Community Transformation
• Perspective Transformation
• School Change
• Black history
• Critical Consciousness
• Action Research

The Agape Alternative is a “must-read” for those concerned about change and its impact on the next generation.

God of Our Fathers: Genesis – Contemporary Perspectives on Bible Study

This course offers an enhanced overview of the book of Genesis. God of Our Fathers: Genesis is intended to serve the needs of Christian adults seeking to apply scripture in contemporary contexts. Learners have opportunities to be involved in problem solving, critical thinking, and heightening consciousness about the essential principles in the Bible. By the time they leave the course, learners have under their belts a set of skills they did not possess when they entered the course. In other words, they will not leave the course in the same way they came.

How Big is Her God? A Constructive Theology

This book is about domestic violence and attempts to address theological issues that occur at the intersection of race, class and gender in America. Drawing on the unique insights of a “wounded black woman of faith,” seven Christian doctrines are examined: God, Sin, Humanity, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and Ministry. This constructive theology employs social psychology, womanism, and participatory action research as epistemological tools, enabling the author to articulate a theology of hope for women who have been harmed by domestic abuse.

Reflective Renewal: Grace at the Crossroads

Reflective Renewal: Grace at the Crossroads provides a collection of theological reflections about life and well-being in a challenging world. The major premise of the book is that as we learn to reflect theologically, we become acutely aware of God’s grace working at the crossroads of life. Therefore we have hope and peace. When everything else is said and done, the way we handle adversity is all a matter of faith. As with most other things in life, there is no one right way to reflect theologically on an issue or concern. The Reflective Renewal framework for devotional engagement provides a contemporary context, and then critically connects the message of faith to issues or concerns in contemporary life.


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