Lydia Circle Ministry


The Lydia Circle Ministry facilitates Bible-based living for Christian women.


The Lydia Circle Ministry promotes prayerful, Bible-centered living for women of faith, especially those who have experienced brokenness or generalized challenges in their lives. We use the Bible as our primary conceptual framework. Fostering wholeness is the overall aim of what we do.


Programs and activities of the Ministry embrace four core values: sanctuary, empathy, covenant, and healing.

First, the Ministry aims to provide an environment of virtual sanctuary where women can find shelter and grace. We attempt to share information from other community-based resource providers to address women’s needs. We also value wisdom from each other.

Second, the Ministry aims to nurture women through empathy. We desire to enable women to speak an listen to each other without judgment. Through critical conversations, we encourage women to engage in collaborative problem solving by applying wisdom from ancient Scripture to present-day issues.

Third, the Ministry aims to promote covenant. We emphasize safety, openness, and trust, where women are bound together by a sense of shared purpose. We encourage women to seek common ground, encouragement, shared wisdom, and fellowship.

Finally, the Ministry aims to promote healing and wholeness. Through our blog posts and podcasts, we highlight women’s capacity for self-healing, growth, and transformation as we encourage them to explore their internal strengths, set personal goals, and develop skills for independently directing their own lives.

In summary, the Lydia Circle Ministry facilitates holistic transformation among women from all walks of life. The primary aim of our activities is to enable women to assess the world through a Bible-based lens. In doing so, we encourage every woman of faith to develop the capacity to thrive and help others do the same.

Our conversations address many questions:

  • What are the needs of today’s Christian women?
  • How do existing programs respond to women’s unique contexts?
  • In what ways are women’s voices expressed?
  • What are Christian women doing to maintain wholeness?
  • What intersections affect women of faith?
  • What is the Spirit of the Lord saying to the daughters of God?
  • In what ways does the Word of God guide women?

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