The Agape Alternative

This novel tells the story of what happens when a 60-year-old school-community representative vows to become a champion for victims of bigotry and violence. She enlists the support of a dynamic social studies instructor who teachers his students to deploy their hearts and minds as weapons against intolerance and apathy. The characters stop pointing fingers and take the time to listen to each other. They engage in critical conversations and simple acts of compassion.

Publisher: Create Space
Reviews:Amazon Customer on wrote:

★★★★★ Love can be a key variable in bringing about change.
The author not only tells a story involving well-developed characters in complex situations, but she also provides strategies for solving problems. When all is said and done love can be used as a framework for bringing about harmony. Her insights into school change are remarkable. I highly recommend this book to anyone concerned about transformation of schools and communities.

J R on wrote:

★★★★★ A powerful, timely work on today's problems. A must read.
This story is full of amazing examples of how a complex social problem can be solved by taking a love oriented, christian approach. This novel is just what we need today in our violence prone,distrustful world. I thank God for this work.

Ms A on wrote:

★★★★★ Excellent reading!
I truly enjoyed this book about transformation of people and their community. The youths devotion to wanted to be better despite the pain and tragedy. It had a lot of information about how to rebuild communities, schools and people. Although the death of youth was alarmingly high, the author's objective about love was example and what the enemy met for harm and destruction, God turned it around for good