You are my shield!

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You are my shield!

Daily Prayer

Protector God, thank you for being our shield in the time of trouble. Thank you for being the lifter up of our heads. We pray for others and ourselves today. Especially, we pray for:

  • Innocent people who have been slain in senseless acts of violence
  •  Political leaders who say they have the best interests of your people in mind
  •  Children who have been traumatized by the violence in our world
  • Teachers and other educators who are responsible for shaping the minds of our children
  •  People who suffer from chronic illness
  •  People who have lost their sense of the beauty and the value of human life
  •  Victims of natural disasters all over the world
  •  People who have a sense of sacred calling
  •  Churches open in the name of Jesus
  •  Pastors and other spiritual leaders

Some people have claimed that there is no help for us in our God. But we know better; we trust you to sustain us. Please hear our prayers and answer. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Scripture inspiration: Psalm 3

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