From the Secret Place-A Prayer for Our Children

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From the Secret Place-A Prayer for Our Children

Holy God, we pray for our children today. We thank you for them, for they are truly a blessing from you.

We trust that you will strengthen their bodies so they build up resistance to this virus that threatens their health. We know that this situation will get better, by your grace.

We ask that you bless our children with patience while they are confined to close quarters. Guard  their minds, and help them to focus on their homeschooling and make good decisions in all that they do.

We pray that you will help them to not be afraid. If any are worried, we pray that you would ease their doubts and fears. Give them your peace.  Help them to feel safe again in these uncertain times.

We know that you will lift their spirits. Deliver them from all hurt, harm and danger. Shelter them beneath the shadow of your wings, O God. We know that you will send your angels to watch over them. Keep them in all their ways.

We pray, O God, that you will bless their parents and others who care for our children. Give them patience, kindness, and gentleness. Give them stamina and help them cope with the challenges they face. Fill them with enough resourcefulness and love to go around as they provide care for the needs of the young.

Loving God, we thank you in advance for hearing our prayers and answering. We trust you, Lord. And we count it all done in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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