Spotlight on Justice

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Spotlight on Justice

Mae Jemison (1956- ) became the first Black woman to travel in space in 1992 on the Space Shuttle Endeavor. She modeled perseverance for those who wished to follow her lead. In addition to being a doctor, she is a dancer and possesses several honorary doctorates including those in science, engineering, and the humanities. Dr. Jemison graduated from Morgan Park High School in Chicago.
In spite of all that she accomplished, however, Dr. Jemison has also been a victim of the deep-rooted and ubiquitous racism that plagues America. In spring 1996, she was pulled over in Texas for a traffic violation during which she allegedly making an illegal U-turn. Later Dr. Jemison reported that she had been physically and emotionally mistreated by the arresting office. She subsequently filed a complaint.
Since that time, Dr. Jemison has formed her own enterprise and is involved in helping young people reach new horizons.
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