Spotlight on Justice

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Spotlight on Justice

Fannie Lou Hamer

Sometimes being sick and tired wears you down. At other times, it makes you mad. Then there are those times when it emboldens you. That’s what happened with Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977). In 1961 Hamer was sterilized against her will. In 1963, she was beaten so badly she was close to death. In spite of it all, she spoke up for her rights and the rights of poor people in her native state of Mississippi.

I imagine she had taken just about all she was prepared to take. Immersing herself in the struggle for civil rights, she spoke up loudly and clearly against those elements that served to degrade her people. She entered the arena singing hymns and pouring her soul into the fight for equality as if she believed the battle to be a spiritual one.

Visit the Fannie Lou Hamer link to read more about her life and times.

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