From the Secret Place – A Prayer for the Church

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From the Secret Place – A Prayer for the Church

Holy God, we come boldly today asking you to bless all churches open in your name. We come praying for unity and vitality in the Body of Christ.

We know that, in the body of Christ, we are one in the Spirit. Although we have to practice social distance, help us to find ways to touch and agree — spirit to spirit. By your grace, let there will be no spiritual distance among us.

Holy God, we pray that you will show us how to find new ways to be the church in times like these. Help us to be cyber saints and digital disciples. Show us new ways to preach and to teach all that Jesus has commanded. Help us to see the kingdom of God in a fresh and bright light, for the kingdom of God is truly among us and within us. Fill us with your brilliance so we can shed light on remote and dark places we encounter.

We acknowledge your Sovereignty, O God. Because of your goodness and mercy toward us, we offer you praise. And in all things, we give you the glory. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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