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Chapel Reflections

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Family Resemblance – Focus Scripture: Romans 8:12-17 

As members of God’s family, our likenesses are not marked by physical traits but by the spiritual light that emanates from within each of us. The stronger we grow spiritually, the brighter is the glow, like radiant hope shining from the inside out, kindled by the indwelling Spirit of God. Because we are God’s children, we are beloved. We are part of God’s family.

Jesus was the firstborn of our family. There is something special about being the firstborn. For example, the first born is usually the pride, the joy, and the hope of the parents. The firstborn is the one who sets the standards for others to follow. Although all the other children are loved dearly, the firstborn is especially cherished and precious.

As Christians, we are God’s children through spiritual adoption and brothers and sisters of Jesus. We share in the Spirit of God and in the Spirit of adoption (Rom 8:17). Through Jesus, we are heirs to God’s kingdom and objects of God’s unconditional love and everlasting peace.

Because of Jesus, we have access to the throne of grace and a right to the tree of life. Because of Jesus, we can count ourselves among God’s beloved who will spend all eternity in the presence of the King. And there’s no place I’d rather be.


Merciful God, thank you for sending us Jesus, your Son. Thank you for adopting us into your family where we are counted among your beloved. In your Holy Name, we pray. Amen.

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