Fame That Lasts Forever

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Fame That Lasts Forever

Daily Prayer

Eternal God, your name and your fame endure forever. You give justice to your people from generation to generation. We are so grateful. We pray for others and ourselves today. We pray especially for:

  • School principals and other school administrators
  • People who have suffered loss because of senseless violence
  • People in positions of authority
  • People who speak truth to power
  • People in need of spiritual healing
  • People in hospitals, hospice, and nursing homes
  • Communities and households
  • Governments around the world
  • Refugees from political strife
  • People who are involved in wars of ideology
  • Churches open in your Holy Name

God our Deliverer, we lay our burdens on your altar.  Please hear our prayers and answer. Have mercy on your people. Have mercy on your world. Amen

Focus Scripture: Psalm 135:13-14

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