Chapel Reflections

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Chapel Reflections

New Devotional Series

Beginning on July 1, 2018, the Chapel will feature daily devotionals in the form of theological reflections on scripture and life. Some of the reflections were published previously on my ministry website or in an earlier book of devotionals. Others are based on more recent observations and interactions with everyday people who have crossed my path. I also had a little help from the collective wisdom passed along to me by my elders on whose shoulders I stand.

I’ve found myself often walking by faith and not by sight. My faith has informed my insights, allowing me to express a deep, rich understanding of everyday routines in relation to broader cultural and spiritual concerns. The discipline has provided a powerful mechanism for sorting out what it means for me to be human in relation to Almighty God. Through it all, I gained insight by the grace of God. Now I am passing these insights along to you.

I pray that you will benefit from the blog posts. Please feel free to add your own wisdom in the comments! Blessings and peace!

Rev. Lorrie Reed

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