Chapel Reflections

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Chapel Reflections

Big God, Big Faith – Focus Scripture: Psalm 116:6 (NLT) The Lord protects those of childlike faith; I was facing death, and he saved me.

Throughout my studies in seminary, I have had many opportunities to reflect on how people come to believe what they believe. The two groups I am about to describe are at opposite ends of a continuum of faith. The way they view God depends in large part on the issues they bring to the table and the lenses they use to reflect on what they see. Examining the people who occupy these two extremes, I am compelled to ask the question: How big is their God?

The first reflective type sees a God who is made in their image, not a God in whose image they are made. These individuals are at the center of their world; therefore, God is hemmed in by the limitations of their vision. They insist on making God fit into moral categories they have created. And they grow impatient when God does not conform to their human expectations. People in this group limit God by their finite notions about time, place, and morality.

At the other end of the continuum is the second type of reflective individual who does not place limits or boundaries on God. These people consider themselves to be made in the image of God and strive to please God in everything they say and do. For them God is infinite, almighty, and all knowing.

People in this second group have extraordinary faith. Accounts of such faith can be found throughout the biblical text. Some people might refer to such faith as childlike. And that is just fine, for, with childlike awe, I place my trust in a God who is big enough to see what I cannot see and lead me in the direction that will honor him the most.


Omnipresent God, thank you for being big enough to supply all my needs. Amen


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