Chapel Reflections

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Chapel Reflections

Sanctuary – Focus Scripture: Psalm 8

There was a time in my life before I retired from the field of education that I used to commute long distances on an interstate highway to get to work. One of the trips I made on a regular basis took me from east to west as I drove from Chicago to DeKalb.

I particularly remember the aromas of early spring. The smells of freshly mowed grass or newly cut crops wafted over the fields. There were the scents of lilacs and clover and the ground thawing in the early spring. All of it brought to mind the promise of new life. The colors also were vibrant. Purples and yellows and reds and greens and rich brown set against the backdrop of the blue, blue sky, sometimes dotted with clouds, sometimes not.

And there were horses. Every time I passed milepost 103, I looked to my left and saw four or five horses just standing in the field. They always faced south for some reason. What I am about to say may sound silly, but every time I passed them, I would wave and say “Hi, horses.” They never answered back, of course. But their very presence represented stability and wonder.

I remember one trip in particular. The highway stretched out in a flat plain ahead of me as I drove on this narrow stretch of road. And above all of it was the endless sky spanning forever in all directions, unmarred by smokestacks or high-rise buildings. On that day as I looked through the windshield, I saw the sky, so clear and pure and endless, as it hung in the eternal space all around me. I was so struck by the beauty and the majesty of it all that I gasped out loud and thanked God for the Divine portrait that I beheld. But there was still more. I glanced in my rearview mirror. And there was the sun peeking over the horizon at dawn to pay honor to the new day. The word awesome does not do justice to the beauty of that moment.

During those long trips, I reached several conclusions. God is greater than our insecurities. God is greater than our pain. God is greater than our sorrow and bigger than our disappointments. God is the author of time, the creator of our beginnings, and keeper of our endings. God is greater than the great and stronger than the strong! God is my all in all!

How humbled I felt in God’s magnificent presence. I had a strong sense of receiving a blessing that was tailor-made just for me. The only thing I can say in response is “Lord, O Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” Amen.


O Lord my God, I ask nothing for myself today. I want to thank you for another opportunity to give you honor and sing your praise. Amen.

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