Chapel Reflections

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Chapel Reflections

Wounded Woman of Faith – Focus Scripture: Isaiah 40:1-2

Throughout her life, my friend has been a wounded woman of faith who firmly professes that God is big enough to bring her through any situation she faces in life.

She envisions God as the Lord of Hosts – the commander of a vast army with a strategic plan that stretches from everlasting to everlasting. Through the study of the Bible, it has become clear to her that God is still in the business of performing miracles. No, God isn’t parting seas, causing manna to fall from heaven, or making the sun to stand still.

Instead, God is performing pure deeds of grace in her life. For example, when she isn’t sure what to do, God has a way of changing her mind and softening her heart. God’s acts of mercy include such things as restoring her peace, giving her unique insight, altering the way she views troubling situations and giving her the power to recognize and walk away from the danger that is all around her. God has a way of teaching her how to endure by continually fortifying her faith and trust.

For her, God is bigger than any threats to her self-esteem, bigger than any circumstances that would relegate her to perpetual brokenness, and bigger than any oppression that would strip her of her identity as a daughter of The Most High. For her, God is bigger than her doubts, bigger than her fears and bigger than any suffering this world could ever throw her way. Nothing is too hard for God.


Compassionate God, thank you for strengthening me during those times when I feel powerless. Thank you for revealing your glory to me and healing my wounded spirit. Amen.

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