Chapel Reflections

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Chapel Reflections

Diamonds in the Rough – Focus Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:7-9

Have you ever really considered the diamond? These gemstones were once mere rocks buried in the bowels of the earth. Under pressure and over time these stones developed into something precious and beautiful. My friend is like a diamond in the rough. Though she is only in her twenties, her eyes have seen more than they should have seen; yet they glisten and exude her inner peace. Upon closer inspection, you can see traces of the pain she has endured in her relatively brief existence.

My friend has certainly undergone her share of pressure. And her heart has been broken more times than she cares to count. I’m not talking about hurt feelings and petty bruises. She has been abandoned. She has been physically and mentally abused. And she has seen death close up and personal. Very few people have experienced the devastating losses she has suffered. But she doesn’t complain. As the scripture says, she has been perplexed but is not in despair. She has been persecuted but not abandoned. She has been struck down, but she is not destroyed. Make no mistake about it. She has endured trouble, but she has not lost heart. Instead, she has chosen to turn to God, and she uses her experiences to encourage others.

Her inner life is similar to the development of the diamond. Residing deep within the broken, earthen recesses of her human soul is a nascent jewel. From faith to faith and glory to glory she strives to separate herself from her past. Because it has been refined and polished by life’s pressures, her inner treasure emits rays of brilliance that illuminate the surrounding darkness.


Creator God, you have placed in me a great treasure to sustain me and to keep me strong. For this, I give you glory! Amen.

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